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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

San Diego Comic Con catchup

Thanks to everyone who came by our booth in San Diego, not only for the Tatsumi signings but for the Adrian Tomine, Kevin Huizenga, Dan Zettwoch, Anders Nilsen, Ron Rege, Jr., Martin Cendreda, and Sammy Harkham signings as well. It was our best year ever by a wide margin and we have you to thank for our success.

Across the aisle, The Honeybunch Squad and Buenaventura Press. Left to right: Johnny Ryan (Comic Book Holocaust,) Carleen Cotter, Tim Hensley (Mome,) Souther Salazar (Destined for Dizziness,) Comic Art editor Todd Hignite, and Dan Zettwoch's hat.

The Fantagraphics folks. Left to right: Eric, Greg, Jason (Kramers Ergot and frequent Arthur contributor,) Zuniga, and Kristy.

First Second editor Marc Siegel and Top Shelf publisher Brett Warnock chit-chat in front of the awesome Heavy Metal booth.

Kevin Huizenga (hat head) and Sammy Harkham (hat) sign copies of their latest comics, Or Else and Crickets respectively.

Adrian Tomine and Yoshihiro Tatsumi sign copies of Abandon the Old in Tokyo and Optic Nerve while stripe-shirted R. Kikuo Johnson (The Night Fisher) looks on.

And again.

Post signing portrait of Adrian and Mr. Tatsumi in front of the D&Q booth.

At night, we all end up at the Picadilly, a dive bar next to the bus station. Here's Ben Catmull (Paper Theater) and Vanessa Davis (Spaniel Rage) in the foreground. Unidentified moving figure, Dan Zettwoch (D+Q Showcase and Redbird,) Chris Cilla (Drip and Kramers Ergot,) Kevin Huizenga (Or Else and Ganges,) and TCJ indexer Pete Coogan in the background.

Bodega Distribution booth bunny TD Sidell, Steven Weissman (Chewing Gum in Church), and our own Peggy Burns.

Vertical (publisher of the Buddha series) flack Anne Iishi and our interpreter Taro relaxing at the bar.

Closing time at the Picadilly.


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