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Monday, July 10, 2006

Small Books From Big Names

In 2004, we launched a new line at D+Q titled Petits Livres (Please do not take the French for pretension; we are in Montreal, you know! C'est Bon!). As astute comics connoisseurs have probably already observed, we were directly inspired by the Collection Louise of Editions Cornelius line of small paperbacks as they had the ingenious idea of publishing the affordable Richard McGuire art book P+O! We loved the idea of an inexpensive art book series of today's best cartoonists.

Since the debut of our first three, Marc Bell's The Stacks, Peter Thompson's Lucky Ello, and Julie Doucet's Lady Pep, the line has been a rousing success. The line isn't just limited to cartoonists; Luc Giard published A Village Under My Pillow and illustrator Julie Morstad is on tap to provide a future book. Julie did the cover art to one of the albums playing nonstop in the D+Q office this year, Neko Case's Fox Confessor Brings the Flood. Somewhat related on the Canadian music tip via this Wolf Parade video, the cartoonist Keith Jones created the mind-boggling Bacter-Area. Yep, that's Keith in the glasses and the four heads.

We have an imminent late July release, Fallen Angel, by Bulb Comix impresario & D+Q Showcase Book One contributor Nicolas Robel. Fallen Angel was actually a translation of a book of the same name from the Collection Louise. So if you bought the French edition for the pretty pictures, you can now read the story.

And yet, there's more. We couldn't believe our good fortune, when the one and only Charles Burns emailed "the chief" (D+Q publisher and editor-in-chief Chris Oliveros) to say that not only was he a fan of the line (!) but he had an idea for the series (!!) which was close to being finished (!!!) The book is called One Eye. It is not a book of his comics, but of his photography (!!!!) Here is his cover:

One Eye comes out in Winter 2007.


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