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Friday, November 03, 2006

A fan responds:

"I do think Kevin Huizenga is one the best cartoonists in the world. Why? Because he uses his own forces and because he is a curious mind. For some time (as i read in a recent interview) Huizenga worked at Xplane, a company which explains different processes using graphs and words. When you read his comics you notice he is using the knowledge that he learned at that job. Most of us, when drawing comics, are influenced from other comics, novels, film, or any other 'artistic' source. If we have a day job counting money in a bank, for example, we will try to forget everything about that, when we sit at the drawing table at night. But Huizenga would use his day job to his own benefit, perhaps telling a story constructed around a mathematical formula, or something like that. He may get his inspiration from an encyclopedia, from a religous book, etc. Look at his blog, The Balloonist, and you will understand what i am talking about. And i think that this is what makes him so interesting. He is being himself every time, he is true to his interests. While some people (including Huizenga in his early work) are doing comics about their own life, Huizenga is doing comics about his experience in with general--well documented--knowledge. It is not strange that Glenn Ganges frequently goes to the library in his comics or appears reading a book. Huizenga is a person who may analyze the panel construction and design from a single page in Tezuka's 'Metropolis' or investigate the life and death of a strange African insect nobody knows about. That doesn´t mean he is making intellectual comics. I think he is making more like 'academic' comics, but very heartfelt. They are not cold stories--only full of facts. He is making every story a journey for knowledge: the kind that you may find in a library, but also the kind of knowledge you learn by your own experience in the street. I think that's what makes his comics so special and turns him into one of the best cartoonists of his generation.

Pablo Holmberg
(Buenos Aires, Argentina)


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