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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Wow, an exciting day at D+Q... little did we know that our current intern Andrew, only in Montreal for 4 weeks, has secretly joined a band and is doing some serious business in this town. It all came to light today, when we found this message on our voice mail:

"Hi there I'm calling for Andrew.. uh how's it going man? This is uh, Leathersnake Maxi-pad uh Marc Beauchamp, uh you might remember me from um from Eric Gautier and stuff like that, and uh, and beardo, John Cummings and stuff. But, uh, hey man, uh, I'm actually, I got your number off uh, John, heh. Uh... I'm throwing - we're - my friends and I we're doing a trade show, with an exclusive party and stuff, where it's gonna be, uh, invite only, and uh, people from all over North America are coming and stuff like that. And uh, it's gonna be like open bar and wh- there's a fashion show, and uh duuude I saw the Mongrels and I.. I would love to book you guys - ROCK and ROLL. Ahh, there's gonna be a silkscreen, uh, with naked chicks behind it and stuff so it's gonna be pretty... pretty awesome party. Uh, anyways, lemme know what uh, if you give me a call back, and uh we can, we can discuss booking if you guys are available and stuff it'd be February 11th, and uh yeah, that'd be super rad man. Uh, my phone number is 514-839-67XX. If you can get back to me, that would be super dope, uh, or you can get uh, Jay Tensa to give me a shout or or, or Jimmy or whatever, so um, that'd be super cool man. Uh lemme know. And I'll talk to you soon. Thanks. Ciao."

Hey Andrew, make sure your friend Leathersnake Maxi-pad puts us all on the guest list!


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