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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Everybody loves Aya!

Two more glowing reviews are in for Aya by Marguerite Abouet and Clement Oubrerie.

The Comics Journal reports: "Marguerite Abouet weaves her tale with a rich sense of character and a keen eye for detail, the two elements that invariably separate good melodrama from mere soap opera. She doesn't call attention to the specifics of life in the Ivory Coast; rather, she wraps her characters in subtle detail and lets them fulfill their roles at a natural pace, allowing incidental business to keep the eye busy while the story unfolds... Clement Oubrerie adds life and flavor to Abouet's tale, rendering her detailed world in a warm, cartoony line that completes the illusion of a lived-in world without smothering it in excess detail. His sense of color is immaculate, shifting from warm tones to cool according to how Abouet wants the reader to approach the scene... It's as masterful a performance as the storytelling of its author, and the seamless way that art and writing blend together successfully paints a warm, vibrant tale of small-town life and the people who live it."

And our own Montreal Mirror declares: "Abouet's quirky and charming memoir is a gem. It tells the story of a small gang of teenagers negotiating life amidst the ice-cream-coloured squalor of a working-class town... Clement Oubrerie's rich and entertaining illustrations do much to re-create the feeling of tenuous creativity and fun that keeps these kids from grinding cynicism. In an age when all we ever see of Africa is graphic violence and despair, somehow it feels oddly right to take a moment to appreciate this small but impressive work of graphic hope."


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