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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I went to Comic-con and it was awesome! (part one, because it's taking me way too long to get this all up.)

The new Comic-con logo by Marc Bell--look for it to replace the eyeball logo from here on out.

The walk from the hotel everyday is a feast for the eyes! bail bonds, bail bonds, bail bonds, shut-down Mexican restaurant, bail bonds, "sheriff's intake".

Eric Reynolds sets up the Fanta booth solo on Tuesday while I did the D&Q booth. I was surprised how empty of set up the place was. Eric pointed out that TMNT-creator Kevin Eastman was keeping it real setting up his Heavy Metal booth.

The well-documented Marc Bell visits one of several of his publishers asking why none of his books are on display. We all wisely say "sold out."

Kaz Strzepek (pronounced STREH-pik) and Dylan Williams load in the Sparkplug booth.

First timer Jessica Campbell poses to show the awesome size of the D&Q "endcap."

Jessica adjusts product while veteran Rebecca Rosen tells her that she's doing it wrong.

The Buenaventura maze ready for Preview Night throngs.

Sparkplug setup, abandoned. Presumably "sparkies" are back in their bio-diesel powered van preparing apple pies to go with that tablecloth.

Jordan Crane in a booth that he shared with several other folks who were crowded out by his many postcard sets, French albums and 14-color silkscreens prints. Mark Todd hang-doggedly walks away.

One of my personal show faves--Caveman Robot. Right, he's a robot and a caveman at the same time. I know, I didn't think of it either. It seems so obvious now. Pictured: Jason Bell and Shoshanna Weinberger, and Caveman Robot as he approaches a man engaging in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar cosplay. {I seriously like Caveman Robot.}

Miriam Katin and her mom Klara check in at the D+Q booth.

Comics Reporter Tom Spurgeon and Guy Delisle (GEE DUH-leel) relax after Guy's spotlight panel. Spurge is a good interviewer and moderated the audience well. Questions mostly centered on North Korea and if Guy exaggerated the austerity for comic effect. He didn't. He also mentioned that there were in fact a number of things he left out, knowing that their inclusion could get people in trouble with the North Korean authorities.

Joe Matt. Not as bald as he draws himself. I'd even go so far as to say that he's photogenic. Still addicted to porn though.

The D+Q family headed out to dinner at the Cafe Chloe (reasonably priced classy restaurant with a wine list that knows that you know nothing about wine so it uses a lot of words like "oaky", "chocolate", "berry-finish", and "tobacco." Above: Steven Guarnaccia (former Art Director for the Op-Ed page of The New York Times), Miriam Katin, Guy Delisle.

Rebecca, Jessica, Joe, and Steven dutifully search the menu in the hopes of finding something/anything remotely vegan.

Guy makes a point about choking (I guess) to Peter Birkemoe from The Beguiling and Tom Spurgeon. and so ended Thursday evening. Sort of, I took a Vicodin (on top of a couple glasses of wine) handed to me by a concerned con-goer because I was suffering prolonged deafness and general congestion from a growing cold that wasn't helped by the icy pre-sweaty crowd air conditioning in the convention center and the aforementioned con-goer said it would help me sleep. Instead on konking out my delicate drug virginal body fought the drowsiness for the next few hours and just arrived roommate James Sturm and I stayed up until 3am talking and giggling like a couple of schoolgirls voraphiles on a Comic-con Saturday night.

Peter Kuper and James Sturm do the old "badge squint."

Joe Matt bemusedly details his "editing" techniques to moderator and Reason magazine editor Brian Doherty on Joe's spotlight panel.

Will Elder drawing Ben Catmull (no-line) and Tim Hensley (line) sign copies of their latest Fantagraphics books, Monster Parade and Mome respectively.

Miriam and moderator Shaenon Garrity look at one of the images from Miriam's powerpoint presentation.

Crane, Sturm. Foreheads, Ears.

SHIGA!!! {One of my fave non-D+Q cartoonists--somebody sign this kid to a multi-book contract.}

Steve Weissman, Jordan Crane and my con-crush Whitney Matheson (I love my wife!) from USA Today and the Pop Candy blog.

I second my nemesis Jacob Covey's love of costumes. See in this one The Flash is blurry because he is moving so fast because that's his power.

Omigod, that bag is so big!! Look at it! Does this picture properly show the scale? Because "in person" the bag appeared huge. I only regret that I didn't get a picture of the guy who "wore" the bag as if they were a pair of overalls on Saturday. Also, what must that cost? Did Smallville spend $50,000 on giant bags at Comic-con?

Back of Kaz (pronounced Streh-PEE-zik-OH-wiz-kuh-fleh-buh) and Frank Santoro he-manning the PictureBox booth (sadly hidden beneath a blimp in the nostalgia section.)

Vertical's Anne Ishii (second con crush--still love my wife!!) at the Eisners at what I like to think of as a losers' table (Vertical, Dan Nadel, D+Q, and Comics Reporter all big Eisner losers.) I do not know who the other people are but that one guy is sitting way too close to Anne--what the hell!

After waiting for 20 minutes for a Convention Center train to pass (bridges, people!!) I met up with some folks at the new dive bar. Picadilly dead, Long live the Hong Kong Nitelclub. The signature drink is a "Mojo" which I assume is a big mojito and it is dreadful. Really bad. I recommend it. It's like on of those parent's-liquor-cabinet-raiding-bug-juice concoctions you might have made as a teenager. They even go so far to add a dribble of beer at the end after adding all that hard liquor. Why?? Pictured: Johnny Ryan, Dan Nadel, Marc Bell, Taylor McKimmons.

It's not all about Comic-con people! San Diego has this whole other life that helps keep the bail bondsmen in business.

You can ask but I'm telling you that this shirt is not for sale!!


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