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Friday, August 03, 2007

San Diego Con report (part two)

Man, I don't know what I did to piss Tom Spurgeon off but he just won't list this blog on his SDCC wrapup list. That free dinner meant nothing!! (above: A pin promoting Josh Simmon's forthcoming Psychedelic Racewar.)

So Saturday:


Okay, enough.

Me and Miriam taking a "candid." See how she's reading what I'm pointing at while I look at the camera. This took hours to nail.

Jordan Crane does some Tom Waits cosplay.

Yes, Klara life does have dignity.

I don't know where these masks came from but Miriam was dedicated to this picture. And then she went right back to making fun of Joe Matt.

This is from a graphic novel panel with Joe, Miriam, and Guy. The gentleman on the left is Rick Geary. Boy, did I screw up a panel of his on Thursday. He had a panel after Miriam and was setting up his computer and didn't have the proper cord so I thought "hey, it'll be nice to help out Rick Geary. I like his comics. Let me offer him my nerd expertise." Oh, it just went downhill. I decided to let him use my computer since his didn't have a cord and then my computer was taking forever to boot and then I had to go to the bathroom so I pretended to be looking for help while I ran the bathroom and then when I came back the computer finally booted and there was a giant picture of a newborn Georgina up on the screen while he was talking about serial killers. So I tried to load up his pictures but the files were corrupt. I didn't corrupt them, I think something happened when he loaded them onto his computer but, what, I'm going to stop the panel to tell him that his tech skills were lacking. Oh, lordy, it was bad. And it took like half an hour and then this woman kept shoving a phone at me to talk to the convention tech guys but I knew they couldn't help so I kept telling her to get away from me. Finally I just bailed and Rick was very nice about it and said "thanks anyways" and I walked past the woman and she snorted "yeah, thanks." And I was thinking "who is the mean lady?" I saw her at the Eisners later. It was Rick Geary's wife. Right, I was rude to Rick Geary's wife in front of an audience while he was doing a panel. Awesome.

On my way to that panel I picked up what turned out to be my favorite comic of the show (above). I would say that this is in the Reid Fleming genre of pissed off ordinary guy comics. Strangely, each issue only contains 8 pages of comics. I couldn't bring myself to buy all five at $3 each because of that. Seriously, pal, you made one issue. Don't try to fool us. The Crying Macho Man guy is keeping it real, why can't you? I should say that sports loving comics people like James Sturm, Tom Spurgeon (link me!!) and Will Dennis (name dropped!) were unimpressed. Will pointed out that the artist used the old hands in pockets to avoid drawing them shortcut.

Boy, I would love it if Giant Robot was next to us but there's a Heavy Metal between us. This is Eric Nakamura. He's a good guy.

Here's Tom Spurgeon again making fun of Alison Bechdel for her completely chaste kiss with Ellen Forney the previous night at the Eisners.


Here's Jacob Covey and Dan Nadel talking about wet proofs or plotter proofs or xerox proofs. Also, I think pantones were mentioned. Die-cuts, oddly enough, were not.

Can you smell the power crackling off the table?!? Also, don't forget that I'm there. This is something like my fourth meal at SD hotspot Pokez. Pictured: Dan Nadel, Eric Reynolds, Rory Root (Comic Relief), Eric Kirsammer (Chicago Comics and Quimby's owner).

Hong Kong Niteclub. Oh, there was a beach party but I am old. Here we see Dave from Secret Headquarters looking at Jacob's TMNT sketchbook. I would say the sketchbook winner was Levon Jihanian. A really great drawing, maybe Covey will post it in his final Con wrapup that Spurgeon will almost certainly link to. I, on the other hand, drunkenly ruined the whole good vibe of the project.

It's like they actually prepared something ahead of time. That's not in the spirit!

The night is almost over. Who told Tom Neely about the Hong Kong? Dammit! Somewhere in there is Josh Simmons looking like a young Gary Groth.

That's all I got.


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