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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

TCAF photos

Friday night kicked off the fest with the Doug Wright awards and a spotlight on Joe Matt & his new book Spent, reunited on stage with Seth & Chester Brown.

It turns out that Seth would never have banged his head on the table,

would never have said
"That's just the way it is,"

and definitely did not lick any bread.

So just how truthful is Joe Matt in his autobiographical book? Despite his inclinations to lay it all honestly on the page, the story is his first priority. But after seeing the three together in conversation, it's clear that Joe represents their pecking order perfectly: Seth gives Joe the gears, Chester backs him up, Joe gets defensive... and it's all hilarious. So let's just say that Spent is "truthy."

Rebecca Kraatz took home the Doug Wright award for best emerging talent, for House of Sugar, (Tulip Tree Press). I haven't read it yet, but I did get a copy and am looking forward to it! Joe Ollmann won Best Book, for This Will All End in Tears.

The rest of the weekend unfolded as one would expect..

Chris Oliveros, Seth, Joe Matt, Kevin Huizenga, and Peter Thompson behind the tables..

Randy Chang drinks coffee and chats with Tom Neely and Dylan, while Kevin and Anders-Nilsen-doppelganger Casey work the Bodega table upstairs..

Buenaventura's looking good.. the table yeah, but especially Alvin's t-shirts! awesome!

Seth, Peter Birkemoe (of The Beguiling) and comics historian Jeet Heer talk about.. um.. probably comics...

And Rebecca watches over things back at the D+Q table.

Thanks to all the fans, cartoonists, organizers and everyone else involved!


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