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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

As promised

Here are photos from last week. I should have had many more, but I think I did alright.

The launch was at Bookcourt in Brooklyn Heights,the store has been in existence since 1981, even though there is a B&N right down the street. They are expanding, and the new event space was suppose to be ready, but it wasn't, (NYC construction!) but I'm all for an independent store expanding in this day and age.

It made for an intimate, albeit SRO, event. With wine!

The Q+A was led by Bookforum's Nicole Rudick, who already interviewed Adrian in this month's Believer.

Lots of fans showed up, and one even gave Adrian flowers...awwww!

You can't see this at all, but Shortcomings made the store's bestseller list along with Tree of Smoke, and this was the week before the event!

Here's a shot of Adrian signing.

A shot of Adrian with Bookcourt's Guy (l) and Zack (r).

Megan Kelso got her copy signed.

As did Anne Ishii.

And this is the back of Jonathan Bennett's head.

And pals Dan Nadel and Chrissa Theodore showed up.

On Friday, the Burns-Devlin clan visited Picturebox.

We decided that Picturebox artists may be the only artists that want you to touch the art.

On the way back, we stopped at Rocketship.

My eagle eyes spied on Mary as she received a UPS package from Westcan, I knew instantly it was our Shortcomings posters. Don't ask me how, I just knew.

Rocketship has very good taste in comics. They had just a few Shortcomings left from the original stack they had received just a few days before.

Since we just opened our own store, I was mightily impressed and jealous that all of their shelving in store is original shelving leftover by the children's shoestore that occupied the space. I guess when you think about it, children's shoe boxes are the same size of comics, more or less.

Superman vs Lex Luthor! Oh no!

The next time I go to NY, I am taking all of my meetings in the park. Here's a shot of Georgy squaring off with Virginia Buckley-Kelso. I also ran into my old coworker Axel Alonso in the park, while meeting with some journalists who had kids, but I forgot to take a photo. Next time!


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