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Thursday, October 18, 2007

D+Q at SPX & West Coast Trip

I found these two photos at Heidi's blog, The Beat.

Rebecca and Jessica bringing home our four Ignatzes! Congrats to Adrian, Kevin, Anders and Gabrielle on their wins.

And Rutu signing at our booth. Rutu is on tour this week, so be sure to check her out if she is in your city.

D+Q was doublebooked last weekend, which is why we don't have our own pics of SPX. Tom, Chris and I were in the Bay Area with the office camera and unfortunately, our camera batteries were dead.

We managed to bring home a few pics from a dinner we had with Vanessa Davis, Trevor Alixopulos, and Eli Horowitz.

Eli kindly gave us a tour of the McSweeney's office:

Their office had a similar charming mayhem that I like to think that people find at the D+Q office. (AKA "sweetly chaotic") Their desks are also about six inches apart from their coworkers in one small room, WKRP style, just like at D+Q, aww, god bless independent publishing.

Eli and Georgy played a tennis/basketball hybrid in the office.

We actually had just seen Vanessa drawings in a book of visiting artists at the Schulz Museum that same day. I'll spare you from more pics of my kids though I do have plenty with Georgy and the Peanuts gang and we were able to watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" on the big screen at the Museum, but I'll just leave it at this:



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