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Friday, October 19, 2007

Final SPX update (probably)

Rebecca and I arrived in Bethesda North on Friday morning and wandered around the Marriott, only to confirm our suspicions that Bethesda is composed of an intricate system of strip malls, parking lots and biscuit places.

But, we were there on a mission, and it was neither to acquire biscuits nor buy a new condo in a parking lot high rise. We were there to peddle books to like-minded individuals. How like-minded, you wonder? Enough that D+Q was nominated for 11, and actually won 4 Ignatzes ( Don't Go Where I Can't Follow, Curses, Optic Nerve #11 and Gabrielle Bell's "Felix" from Showcase 4). To emphasize our huge number of nominations, I wore all of our nominee badges at once. Impressive, no?

Aside from photos of parking lots and Rebecca and I posing with the Ignatzes temporarily in our possession, we also got some shots of our fellow book sellers.

Dan Nadel, C.F. and Brian Chippendale hang out behind the always visually stimulating PictureBox booth.

The Critcal Citadel crowd hangs out behind their booth. There is something oddly serene about their poses in this photo; I assume that it is post-silkscreen exhaustion.

Also near us (as the Critcal Citadel and PictureBox booths were) was this awesome table featuring a bunch of students from MICA in Baltimore, working under the moniker Closed Caption Comics. This photo does not fully show the total awesomeness of their table, so I lifted the below photo off of their website.

A lot happened at SPX. When not behind the booth, Kevin Huizenga, Rutu Modan and Anders Nilsen were busy winning Ignatz Awards and participating in panels. There was a fountain of chocolate fondue, a man in an ape suit and a karaoke party, as well as many other fun events. In summation, SPX rules and the organizers, exhibitors and fans did a wonderful job of making this a very enjoyable experience all around.


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