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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Introducing our newest Petits Livres...

D+Q started its Petits Livres imprint about 3 years ago and the series has featured innovative work by artists including Marc Bell, Charles Burns, Nicolas Robel, and Julie Doucet. A new batch of Petits Livres will be in stores within the next month. One of my favorites is Milk Teeth, by Vancouver artist Julie Morstad.
My colleagues Peggy and Tom first spotted her work in a magazine about a year ago, and shortly after that we started seeing her Neko Case poster all around town.
Milk Teeth collects her drawings and prints from the last couple of years and I think it will be an amazing introduction to many people who are not yet familiar with her work. Her artwork is both haunting and gorgeous, and I've found myself compulsively staring at it over and over again.

During the holidays you should see Fire Away! in stores, by an artist with possibly the best sounding name ever,
Chris von Szombathy.
Fire Away!, which sports one of the best book covers in recent memory, also collects drawing, prints, and photographs of sculptures by this prodigious artist and, like Julie Morstad, we'll be sure to see more by him in years to come.

Guy Delisle is best known for his books Pyongyang and Shenzhen but before then he created two pantomime comic "albums" for French publisher L'Association. D+Q published the first of these, Aline and The Others, last year, and now its companion volume, Albert and The Others, will be out soon.
The 26 short vignettes presented here are both funny and clever, and they also open a window on the early career of a great cartoonist.

And speaking of Guy Delisle, you'll be hearing a lot more about him next year when D+Q publishes his next book, The Burma Chronicles, in September. Watch this space for more details.


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