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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

D+Q at BEA in NYC with Adrian Tomine

Chris and Tom leave the office tomorrow to head to NYC for Book Expo America where they'll be "working the booth" and "schmoozing" with retailers and press, attending fancy parties and seeing Ron Rege Jr with his band Lavender Diamond.

D+Q is in booth #3628, or in our distributor's Farrar, Straus & Giroux/Holtzbrink aisle which is front and center and hard to miss at BEA.

Optic Nerve cartoonist Adrian Tomine will be signing twice at the show on behalf of his Fall 2007 graphic novel Shortcomings: Friday, June 1st 2-4:00 PM at the D+Q booth # 3628 and Saturday, June 2nd 2:30-3:00PM in the Autograph Area, table 19. He will be signing Shortcomings galleys, posters (pictured above), and more.

Chris Oliveros will be on the "Graphic Novel Buzz" panel Friday afternoon at
2:30-3:30PM in room 1E03 at Javits and which will be moderated by the always fantastic Calvin Reid of Publishers Weekly.

D+Q will be handing out at a variety of Shortcomings promotional items (postcards, galleys, brochures, posters) at our booth and at Adrian's signings. We will also be handing out Lynda Barry's critically acclaimed FCBD issue Activity Book, other D+Q galleys, and postcards for our Fall 2007 list.

Please stop by to say hi!
Friday, May 25, 2007

this evening in Boulder

Interview with Ron Rege

While in Vancouver on the Lavender Diamond tour, Ron Rege stopped in with the local radio show Inkstuds. You can listen to it here.
Thursday, May 24, 2007

Spotted: Seattle

John P in Boulder tomorrow night

Tomorrow night at 5:30pm John Porcellino will continue his promotional blitz of the "Fresh Air and Fond Memories Served Daily" state with a Q+A and signing featuring King-Cat Classix at Barnes & Noble (Crossroads Commons, 2915 Pearl Street, Boulder CO). John doesn't do these sorts of events often so get on out there.

Does Music Make You Cry?

Two of our "cartoonists/musicians" are currently on the road with their bands: Ron Rege Jr of Skibber Bee~Bye and Awake Field fame with his band Lavender Diamond and Archer Prewitt of Sof' Boy fame with one of his bands, The Sea and Cake.

In fact, the two bands seem to be almost on the same touring schedule making May and June very exciting months for comic book/music fans in North America. Next week in Montreal, Lavender Diamond plays La Sala Rossa on May 31st while The Sea and Cake plays the same venue on Sunday, June 3rd!
Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Exit Wounds here, there, and everywhere

I find graphic novel roundups puzzling since they usually group a bunch of disparate genre books together in a kind of "you like books then you'll love these poetry, cookbook, thriller and experimental novels" way but nonetheless it's nice to get a good review especially when the reviewer seems to "get" the book.

Entertainment Weekly gives Exit Wounds an "A-" and says "Modan's elegantly simple line drawings match her dialogue, resulting in a heart-piercing, tough-minded love story."

New York magazine runs an excerpt of Exit Wounds here.

Publishers Weekly interviews Rutu in this week's PWCW.
Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ahead of James Patterson

and behind Chabon...John Porcellino's King-Cat Classix was #7 last week on the Denver Post's hardcover fiction sales charts.

Just in time to remind everyone that John will be doing an event in Boulder next Friday, May 25th at 5:30 at Barnes & Noble, Crossroads Commons 2915 Pearl Street.
Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More Baghdad Journal

Steve Mumford just returned from Baghdad and has new paintings up on artnet. This is a painting of the McDonalds at Ali al Salem airbase.
Thursday, May 10, 2007
Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Julie and Paperrad

I'm not even sure how many shows Julie has going on right now. There's an adopt-a-pet type of thing going on tonight (along with Paperrad) as well as the previously posted show below. I just grabbed a couple of pictures on my lunch break. Julie and her friend Dominique have made a bunch of birds, dogs, worms-like abstractions and place them in cages factory- and hand-made.

Rutu in The New York Times

Rutu Modan is currently blogging on the New York Times website replacing the great Maira Kalman. She'll be presenting a series of 6 columns: personal stories combined with illustrations and comics, the first of which is published today. Unfortunately, it's TimeSelect so I'm not able to see it. I guess I need to sign up now.

Note: Signed up. Rutu has a longish strip about her first time in New York called "Mixed Emotions."
Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Julie Doucet in the Montreal Biennale

I am love. I am a banana peel. I make everybody cry.

Fake Stupid Daddy

Marguerite Abouet interview

While in NYC for the PEN Fest, the author behind Aya discussed writing, Africa, her comics influences and what separates Spider-Man from the other heroes, in this interview with Bookslut.
Monday, May 07, 2007

Lynda Barry FCBD Activity Book...Still Free!

Shame on you if you missed picking up our Lynda Barry Activity Book on Saturday's Free Comic Book Day, especially since Douglas Wolk of Salon gave it the highest grade of all the free comics, an A+ and stated: "...deliciously drawn...insightful and bubbling with delight in the process of artistic creation" and Nisha Gopalan of Entertainment Weekly remarked that the book is "is unparalleled in originality."

Activity Book is an excerpt from Spring 2008's What It Is, you can find an excerpt from the comic here and NOTICE that we are giving free copies with every purchase on the D+Q site.
Sunday, May 06, 2007

Uninked in Phoenix

Chris Ware sent along some details on a show he curated at the Phoenix Art Museum with Kim Deitch, Jerry Moriarty, Gary Panter, Ron Rege, Jr. and Seth! The complete press release is on our events page. Chris even sent the following images, including the cover to the hardcover catalogue for the show which will be available for purchase in June from the Museum. Click on the highlighted names for samples of their work that appears in the show.

Center for Cartoon Studies - Montreal Trip

Last Friday, the kids from the Center for Cartoon Studies came to the D+Q offices for a look around and a brief Q+A with publisher Chris Oliveros. Original art was gawked at, the free box was emptied, and secrets were leaked. Afterwards we hit the local Indian restaurant with the most fractious counter boy in Parc-Ex and the kids went off to the famous Montreal strip club to enjoy our "danseuses." Thanks to Joe and Penina for the pics. You can see more photos here.

On the bandwagon

Mr. Ron Rege, as reported, is becoming a rock star. Don't worry, he's comic-ing up a storm and will have two books coming out early next year, Scituate Heart (named after the Massachusetts seaside town where Ron and some cartoon buddies meet for a week of eating lobsters and drinking warm beer) and Against Pain named after, erm, the sensation and Ron's negative feelings towards it. So the rockstar thing--here's the first video from the new Lavender Diamond rekkid (not only with an appearance at the end from Ron but a cameo from one Jordan Crane and his daughter Andalucia(pictured).) And an egg.
Friday, May 04, 2007

Penthouse Magazine features Joe Matt

Just what you always wanted: an excuse to buy the new issue of Penthouse! Spent gets a full-page review in the May issue.

"[Spent is] a hilarious peek into the mind of a smart guy who's way more obsessed with rare comics than real live girls... Matt's the comic equivalent of that friend we all have who's slightly strange, whose bedroom habits we don't really want to know about, who skeeves us out, but we keep him around because he makes us laugh so hard we might have an accident."

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Marlys is my hero, a FCBD reminder...

I told myself that I wouldn't blog while on maternity leave, but today while little Dagwood and I were on the bus, I was finally able to read Lynda Barry's FCBD "Activity Book" issue from cover to cover. It's fantastic in its exploration and approach to get people to think about how to write, draw and create or as Lynda says "writing the unthinkable," which is actually the name of the class she teaches! In particular, this page on the subject of memory blew me away.

John Porcellino interview

The Onion A.V. Club posted a lengthy interview with John Porcellino today, discussing his new D+Q book, King-Cat Classix.

"While there are hints, especially toward the book's end, of Porcellino's emerging maturity, his early autobiographical sketches revel in crude surrealism and wise-ass humor--all while maintaining a profound sweetness that would come to dominate King-Cat."

"...Porcellino spoke with The A.V. Club and shared his thoughts about punk, art, brain chemistry, and his newfound 'positive mental attitude.'"

Click here to read the interview.

PW Daily: Picture of the Day

Thanks to Calvin Reid at Publishers Weekly for including this great snapshot of Marguerite Abouet with a copy of Aya at last week's PEN World Voices festival on PW Daily!

SPENT reviews

The release of Joe Matt's new book is getting closer and reviews are popping up. Los Angeles Magazine featured Spent on their BUZZ/Book Briefs page (pictured here), alongside a nod towards the store Family, which also name-drops Optic Nerve. "In the 23rd century all bookstores will be this cool: Imagine if the smartest, hippest guy you knew in college opened a bookstore, and you'll get a sense of Family..."

Anyway, back to Spent. As Library Journal Xpress Reviews sums-up, "Matt's unique adventures include making porn buys in a coffee shop, creating his personal porn compilation tapes (in detailed, step-by-step descriptions), having heated conversations with fellow cartoonists about his art and life, and pissing in a giant bottle so he can avoid his other housemates, whom he finds repulsive and distasteful. Flashbacks show how the social awkwardness of his teen years has carried over to the present, in which he has trouble finding and keeping a girlfriend and seeks shelter in porn... These tales could easily have been too grim, sad, and perverse to be readable, but they are saved by the affecting, self-aware, and deeply personal way in which Matt relates them, as well as the strangely cheerful artwork that humanizes his strange adventures and injects a surprising likability into his world."

Canada's Quill & Quire compares a chapter of Spent to Seinfeld and declares, "Spent is funny, painful, and ultimately about nothing. Think of it as a guilty pleasure." And this week's Eye Weekly out of Toronto (where Joe Matt lived illegally for over a decade) asks, "Why read about such a repellent personality? Because even when Spent edges towards autobio-comics parody--with the self-aware, self-pitying Matt noting 'it's not even a story... just page after page of me whining about porn'--it remains inexplicably compelling, a portrait of sweaty insecurity rendered with precise visual storytelling and funny, expressive cartooning."


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