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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SDCC 08 (Saturday)

Bryan Lee O'Malley says "Give me that book-of-the-show!!"

Jordan Crane gets a book signed by Lynda and then remarks that "she's pretty hot for an older lady" which is either age-ist or horny and I'm not sure which (both.)

Ok, so it's like this. Jamie was taking the pictures and it was his first Comic Con so there are a lot of costumes but I've got to tell you that a lot of them were pretty awesome. LOOK at this Plastic Man. This guy rules.

I believe this is Gabriel Ba who is often referred to as "one of the Brazilians." He won a bunch of awards the night before at the Eisners. I engaged him about the whole waxing thing (all I know about Brazil) and he really had very little to say in response except "all I ever want to do is draw the comics."

Jamie, if you turn the camera you can fit her face in the frame.

Big news at Comic Con. Two minutes later a move to Vegas was confirmed.

Biggest celebrity sighting other than the much talked about Samuel L Jackson and James Kochalka meeting--it's Lasagna Cat!

Another cute tiny superhero!

Best Costume of the show. This guy did twenty solid minutes at Masquerade.

I'm not even sure if I should show these dioramas that Alison made for fear that Seth will have to start working on the inside of his buildings and we'll never see another comic from him. (What!! I kid. He has a book coming out soon--George Sprott--as well as a couple series designs--Doug Wright and the John Stanley Library.)

These dudes hate Peanuts!! And they're pretty confrontational about it.


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