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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Word on the Street (Toronto 2008)

I just got back from Toronto Word on the Street and took the worst pictures of my life. Apologies to all involved. Extra special thanks to Peter Birkemoe for helping me out at every turn this weekend.

I should have got a picture of my hotel (the former Hotel Selby now Clarion). Coincidentally it was the same place I stayed 15 years ago on my first visit to T-dot.

Also, I neglected to get a picture of the black squirrels of Toronto. The squirrels are black there. I am always astonished by this.

Pat, Marek, and friend on stage at their pre-WOTS Beguiling book launch party. Yes, that is in fact a bandura (I'm assuming you know your Ukranian classical folk instruments as well as I do.) Pat and Marek animated scenes from their Petits Livres Pohadky to a live soundtrack.

Surly, petulant Ray Fenwick (Hall of Best Knowledge) (right) and friend. The highpoint of his presentation was watching him unwittingly bring a little girl to tears as he launched into an anti-pony-riding tirade.

The Klondike cartoonist and Beguiling employee Zach Worton manning the book table at the event. Look for his D+Q book next fall. He swears to me that he can finish his last 100 pages by January.

The other Seth (Scriver) and Keith Jones post-party pre-drunk doodling. {More Petits Livres coming from these fellows next year.}


Aw, it appears that Chester did campaign. Yes, that is a hand lettered sign. Inquiries for purchase should go to Peter at the Beguiling (unless Chester threw it away already.)

Chester fielding questions from his adoring public. I would say it was an even split from people who were interested in his candidacy to people who love his comics but for the life of them couldn't fathom what "Libertarian" means. ("Defense of Property Rights is the sole responsibility of Government" or something like that.)

Marek, Pat, and Matt (Ojingogo) signing books at WOTS. Also, in frame, Matt's niece and sister. Not pictured, his mom and dad. It was a total family affair.

Keith (Bacter-Area) and Peter Thompson (Chronicles of Lucky Ello) ready to sign, doodle, chat.

Our neighbors, the Beguiling crew. Pictured Jason and Amanda.


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