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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Puce Pop 2008

SPX this, SPX that! Well, you know, we had a little something called Pop Montreal going on here. And it featured a non-rock and roll component called Puce Pop (which I believe translates to "itchy felted wool socks"). Also, there are comics, posters, toys, jewelry, hand made books, bicycle bells, fudge, etc. If you ever thought that comic shows seemed like big flea markets, then you haven't been to one of these all inclusive craft shows. (This means they are great.)

I didn't get the angle right but there were 100s of bikes locked to fences all around the Polish church where the show was held.

Our crowds are handsome. None of that baseball cap and hooded sweatshirtedness that is so common at the U.S. conventions. Seriously, what a wrinkled sloppy bunch. Oh, I watched the youtube videos. Grown men in t-shirts accepting awards. Shameful. (This post was edited by my mom.)

One of the special features of this particular show was the little kitchen set up in the corner where half a dozen older Polish women were set up cooking perogis and stuffed cabbage. Is that the best convention food ever?

Okay, it's not but it was still far better than a bag of doritos out of a vending machine. Wait, that's faint praise. It was yummy. At one point on Sunday morning, a couple of booths had to shut down because they were occupying the spot where the sausage man sets up to sell fresh meat to the Sunday morning church crowd.

I forgot to take a picture of said kitchen and sausage. Just picture after blurry picture of a handsome handsome crowd.

Rebecca writes up an order. Not sitting = selling.

Tears well up in my eyes, as I looked at the diversity that lays before me--comics from Israel, Canada, Brooklyn USA, Canada, Japan, Canada, Africa, and Canada.

This is just an excuse to post a picture of Woody since that Patton-Reynolds baby is all over the American blogs!


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