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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Seth and Chris Ware in Waterloo

For those of you who were not able to make it out to Waterloo, Ontario this past weekend, we have pictures for you of the Seth/Chris Ware event. The occasion was the opening of an exhibition of Seth's Dominion City (a remarkable miniature city constructed by Seth in recent years). As well, Chris Ware presented Lost Buildings, his audiovisual account (co-written by This American Life's Ira Glass) regarding the sad demise of Chicago architect Louis Sullivan's buildings.

I've never seen Mr. Ware give this presentation, but I do have the DVD/book version and I'd encourage everyone to try and track down a copy.

The discussion was moderated by Jeet Heer (Chris Ware's co-editor on Walt & Skeezix).

Jeet and Seth... (Above photos courtesy of John Minh Tran.)

These two photos of Dominion City are actually from the Art Gallery of Ontario's exhibition in 2005, although I assume this is the same set up at The University of Waterloo.

It's a little hard to tell from these photos, but Dominion City is a reproduction of about 10 city blocks (at least that's how I remembered it) and it occupies a large room when it's on display (about 10 by 20 feet?). Apparently, when it's not on exhibit, Seth dismantles each building and stores them in his house.


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