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Friday, November 21, 2008

Tangentially..the ultimate fan.

Pre-D+Q, Creative Director Tom Devlin was best known as the publisher of Highwater Books. Before Highwater, Tom had a series of Boston-area comics gigs, most notably as the manager of Million Year Picnic (like the new domain Tony!). As his wife, however, I can attest to the fact that his most interesting comics stories come from his stint at the Boston warehouse for Diamond Comics in the 90s, back when Diamond had regional warehouses. He often reminisces about a boss he had who was friends with Iggy Pop. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Lo and behold yesterday, while stuck in traffic and luckily able to tune in VPR north of the border, rock critic Milo Miles was on Fresh Air and reviews a new release called A-Square (Of Course), that collects the 60s rock music out of Ann Arbor, Michigan named for an indy label and booking agency founded by Hugh "Jeep" Holland, Tom's old boss. Milo recalls Jeep as the "ultimate fan" an enigmatic person, lover of rock music and comics, and "eventually returned to his first passion comic books working for Diamond Comics Distributors..." What does this have to with D+Q? Not much, but it's not often you hear someone who your husband worked for, revered on Fresh Air, and it's not often that the person worked for Diamond Comics! Not to mention the first person to put out records by Iggy Pop and the MC5!!!! Plus, the album sounds awesome with songs by the Scott Richard Case, MC5, The Thyme, The Apostles and more.


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