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Thursday, May 07, 2009

32 Stories as it was meant to be

After about 14 years and several printings, Adrian Tomine's original collection of his mini comics, 32 Stories, quietly went out of print a few months ago. Adrian was content to leave it at that (almost no artist is happy with their early work), but after a bit of coaxing he agreed to a re-issue. I think the turning point came after he had the idea to create an edition that would present all 7 original mini comics as facsimiles in a box set. As much as I liked the first version of the book, I think this one is better, as if it was always meant to be like this.

We tried our best to replicate the look of the original photocopied booklets as closely as possible, from the murky zip-a-tone in one issue to the white borders around each cover (xeroxes didn't allow for any bleeds on covers). We even included the Optic Nerve sticker that was inserted in issue 4. Another thing that this set has that was not included in the first 32 Stories is the letters pages from each mini - almost every letter here is hilarious in its own special way and is an attestation that Optic Nerve had the best letters page in comics even from the very beginning. And there's another bonus (not pictured here): Adrian graduation photo (complete with yearbook bio), worth the price of admission alone!

Quiz: The above photos feature the set of the original photocopied minis that Adrian mailed to D&Q in the early 1990s, alongside a set of facsimile editions from the new box set - can you tell which one is which?


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