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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nap-Trapped and Voiceless, TCAF Day 2

(swiped from William Self's flickr page)

So everyone else is over at the wonderful venue of the Toronto Public Library enjoying the second day of TCAF, and I'm in the hotel with napping toddlers and no voice, so I'll take this time to blog some of the amazing press the kind press corp of Toronto has bestowed upon us. Toronto is one of the handful of magical North American cities where everything lines up, great stores, great press, enthusiastic fans and great institutional support. All of which combined makes TCAF perhaps the best comics festival of its size in North America, the festival's new kid on the block status actually helps it, I believe, by allowing the festival director, Chris Butcher, to draw upon his favorite elements of similar shows like APE, MoCCA and SPX, as well as European festivals, but add his own original stamp on it.
OK so I last blogged the two articles the National Post did on Doug Wright on Friday. (Not TCAF related, check out this Calgary Herald spotlight on Doug Wright) This week's Eye Weekly (G'bless the Eye for having a comics columnist!) reviews A Drifting Life and on Saturday the Toronto Star ran a Q+A with this cute photo of Tatsumi-sensei. (Not TCAF related, check out this Los Angeles Times review of A Drifting Life) and lastly, The Post spotlights Friday night's standing room only Harbourfront event.
But with our two festival launches of Doug Wright and George Sprott, the press took note of Seth, deservedly so. To start with, Canada's largest newspaper the Globe and Mail did a fantastic, thorough and thoughtful profile of the Guelph cartoonist, delving into Seth's love for the past, covering his career, and his contribution to the comics medium. And for uber-comics-philes, the G&M also did a slide show of Seth's house. A MUST SEE.

The G&M also ran a preview of the Collected Doug Wright in the paper, as well as a great slide show of the book online.

Speaking of Doug Wright, I'll go into this later--as will many, many people, the Doug Wright Awards were AMAZING. Two hours of pure comic book entertainment that kept the entire audience captivated. Quite, simply the best comic awards show in the world,even seconded by attendee and nominee Michel Rabagliati. An overview is posted at the CBC. And I promise to go more into that when the D+Q express minivan returns to the office on Tuesday.

But for now, a quick congrats to Matt Forsythe who won the the Pigskin Peters Award for Ojingogo.

Ok, my relief just came in the door, so I gotta run! Many, many photos to be posted this week.


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