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Thursday, June 11, 2009


During our time in New York, Seth, Adrian Tomine and I went to a number of comic shoppes so that the boys could do stock signings. Here they are at the newish Bergen St Comics in Adrian's old hood. We also had the pleasure of visiting Barnes and Noble, Forbidden Planet, Jim Hanley's and Rocketship. It's always a pleasure to go around to the stores in NYC, meet the retailers and see how the stores are set up, and this trip was no exception. If you didn't have a chance to get your book signed while Seth and Adrian were in town, be sure to check out any of those stores or the beautiful Desert Island for signed books.

The event at The Strand (another place to get signed copies of Seth and Adrian's books) on Thursday night went really well. It was very well attended and the talks did not disappoint. Seth's ruminations on art school folly, the comics medium and narcissurfing the web alternately elicit laughter and prompt thought and Adrian's reading of the introduction to the new box set edition of 32 Stories is hilarious and enlightening.

Seth and Adrian sign books.

MoCCA day 1! This is around 10 am, the books have still not arrived. MoCCA was this year held at the 69th Regiment Armory, once home to the infamous 1917 Armory Show, the one that Marcel Duchamp was kicked out of for submitting his "Fountain." Needless to say, Alison and I made many jokes about the tables and coffee cups being "ready-mades," claiming that we didn't need books. Thank you, art school!

11:00 am, still no books. Alison reads I love you, Gabrielle Bell, begins work on I love you, Jason Kiefer and Tom talks to fellow Montrealer Andy Brown of Conundrum Press. Working hard or hardly working, am I right???

11:30 am, no books. Tom shows off what he has learned in all of those "Krumping" classes; Alison is impressed.

Steven Guarnaccia, however, is not.

Crowd shot?

Nope! Just spying on Paul Karasik.

I think this is my favorite photo of the con. Gabrielle leafs through the infamous David Bowie sketch book as Sean Collins peers over the table expectantly. Meanwhile, Ron Rege appears to be engrossed in David Icke's I am me I am free - The Robots' Guide to Freedom. Mid way through the first day, everyone is looking fresh.

Also, this is probably a good time to remind Tom that we need to get our San Diego sketch books ready soon. Have we decided on a theme yet? "A horse riding a bicycle up stairs" or the simple "nude self portraits?"

We put Seth and Adrian to work.

Tom does a sketch for Peter Kuper's daughter as she looks around for someone more famous.

The booth at the beginning of Day 2.

Seth does his slideshow for the MoCCA crowds.

The people like it! Well, except for that one guy in the corner.

Adrian is hidden by the speakers, makes a lot of good jokes using audio/visual prompts.

Karl Erickson, the very kind MoCCA director, walks through the sea of trash inevitable (?) at the end of a convention. WE ARE ALWAYS THE LAST ONES LEFT.

GOOD BYE ALISON! I miss you already.

But wait! San Diego is only 6 weeks away! See you soon, actually. Sigh.


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