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Monday, May 03, 2010

Clowes! Clowes! Clowes! Tonight Politics & Prose in Washington DC!

So today kicks off Clowes month, and a real treat is the interview Dan Kois did in this week's New York Magazine, where Dan explains some of the stylistic choices he made in WILSON. To name a few: Peanuts, Hagar the Horrible, George Booth and Will Elder. If that doesn't wet your comics whistle, I don't know what will.

Dan K. will also interview Dan C. in person tonight at Politics and Prose. DC is gearing up for the event with an interview in DCIst and the Washington City Paper where there are choice quotes about likeable characters, Zagnut candy bars and how we'll all be together on the sinking ship that is printing on paper. Reporter Mike Rhode also talked about WILSON last week in the City Paper.And the Express section of the Washington Post also caught up with Dan.

And while we're jumping ahead on the tour a bit, as Dan will be in Portland at Powell's on Sunday, May 16th, Steve Duin of the Oregonian turned in quite a thoughtful review discussing Dan's artistic choices for Wilson and says: "[Clowes] so artfully fills in the shadows in this wreck of a human being that we hang around, laughing in spite of ourselves, waiting for things to get worse."

And in another gorgeous review, NPR featured WILSON on its home page last week. I'll leave you with the middle of Glen Weldon's review:

Do the events of the book, which include visiting his father's deathbed, reuniting with his ex-wife and meeting a daughter he didn't know he had, cause Wilson to grow as a person, to admit love and fellow-feeling into his black and tiny heart? That, of course, would be telling.

It would also not be a book you could imagine coming from Daniel Clowes.


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