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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nipper 1963-1964

There's a new Nipper book in the works, collecting comics from the peak period of Doug Wright's career. Nipper will be an annual series of paperbacks that will be different from last year's mammoth Wright retrospective both in size (this one will fit on your bookshelf) and price (at $16.95, this'll be about 60% less expensive).

But aside from that, this new Seth-designed series will collect every Nipper strip from the 1960s (starting with this 1963-64 volume) and will mark the first time that most of these comics have seen the light of day in nearly half a century.

Just look at these drawings - PURE GOLD!! Wright's sense of pacing, attention to detail, and comic timing was masterful. He made the mundane look beautiful, from traffic lights to suburban houses, and he achieved greatness as an artist and cartoonist despite facing the challenge of creating entirely pantomime strips for nearly 40 years.

And sadly, following the Grand Canadian Tradition, his work was never properly recognized in his lifetime and fell into obscurity shortly after his death in 1983. But that's the subject of another story, maybe a future "Canada Day" blog entry one of these years. In the meantime, Nipper 1963-1964 can be pre-ordered from the current Previews catalogue this week, or look out for it in stores this September.


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