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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Man I miss Amy Lockhart...

It's hard to forget how great it was having Amy Lockhart around in Montreal and Border Crossings' recent article about her certainly doesn't help!

Drawing comparisons between Lockhart and many of her peers like Marcel Dzama and Shary Boyle, this article acts as a kind of guide to her work through a series of recurring characters.

Author Lee Henderson makes some pretty dead-on observations about the nature of Amy's work and how, unlike a lot of contemporary feminist artists who work with the female form, there is a distinct lack of ironic references to historical objectification of women.

Henderson says that, instead, "[T]he canvas seems to be free of any self-conscious haze surrounding the semiotics of the A+-voided female form, but there is an immediate sense of a strong presence in the figures she paints. Lockhart's women are so strong you don't at first realize what she's accomplished, or how natural, interesting and questionable it all is."

This article is a well-deserved tribute to one of the most interesting young artists working in Canada today, and I would really recommend that everyone pick up a copy of this issue! For those American readers out there, this is a chance to become acquainted with one of the best arts publications coming out of Canada AND learn more Amy Lockhart all at once.

PS- Amy please come back to Montreal...


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