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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Feeling the love for MAKE ME A WOMAN

Reviewers everywhere are falling for, relating to, and finding a friend in Vanessa Davis, showing there's a whole lot to love about Make Me A Woman...

Greg McElhatton at Read About Comics declares Make Me A Woman one of his favorite books of the year, finding "...a lot to connect with. And more importantly, fall in love with."

In the opening to her her wonderful interview with Davis, Book By Its Cover's Julia Rothman writes that,"It seems like everyone can compare their experiences with hers. Her stories are real lessons of life: happiness, humility, love, obsessions… told with personality and without editing."

Katie Haegele at the Santa Barbara News-Press compares reading Make Me A Woman to the experience of getting to know someone in real life: "the person we meet in these pages is intelligent, funny, and slightly crabby -- very human, in other words, and a rare writer whose company you enjoy."

Vice Magazine says, "Vanessa Davis’s drawings have a softness to them that feels like sympathetic memories."

The A.V. Club is impressed by how Davis can pack "so much humor and insight into a single drawing..."

While Nicole Rudick over at Comics Comics (who skillfully locates Davis within a history of autobiographical comic artists and female autobiographers and memoirists) loves the details, down to the "characters' upturned noses, bubble mouths, and the occasional double chin..."

And The Factual Opinion just didn't want the book to end: "I feel like I've made a friend who I want to hang out with more."

Keep the love coming!


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