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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vanessa! Tonight! In! Berkeley! at! Pegasus!

OK Bay Area comic fans, here's your last chance to see the dazzling, charming Vanessa Davis in person presenting her slide show at Pegasus Books at 7:30 PM TONIGHT at the Shattuck location before jetting off to Miami to join Ms.Barry (as well Mr. Sacco and Mr. J. Hernandez) at the Miami Book Fair this weekend.

The reviews for MAKE ME A WOMAN keep piling in:

The Miami Herald: "This wonderful collection of disparate slices of her life conveys humor, intelligence and great heart. She's a terrific and entertaining artist, too, and her penciled work is almost as rich as her beautiful color art."

Worcester Magazine reveals: "Davis doesn’t quite reveal the inner life of a typical Jewish girl, because she’s much more clever than that. Rather, she’s captured the interaction between what’s under her skin and unknown to us with the world around her as it prods her reactions."

Jewish Book World: "Fearless...Davis’ artistic style and self-deprecatingly honest voice is reminiscent of Lynda Barry’s autobiographical works. But her stand-out pieces on spending Mother’s Day with her mother and sister in Florida, celebrating the High Holy Days, and critiquing R. Crumb’s take on Genesis are heartwarmingly charming, funny, and in a class by themselves."

NY Mag's Vulture: "A big, bright, quirky collection of charming short pieces, chronicling Davis's interactions with friends, lovers, and her endearing, overbearing mom."

And if you don't live anywhere near Berkeley or Miami, then check out this KQED interview with Vanessa, Lisa Hicks, while speaking with Vanessa, notes "In Make Me a Woman, many pages are fully fleshed out watercolor comics; others seem incomplete -- small borderless sketches on a white page done in pencil with visible eraser marks, like something you'd see in a sketchbook. These drawings aren't stories or even jokes. They're more like musings or fleeting thoughts. A peculiar moment. A look exchanged."


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