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Monday, February 28, 2011

New Layer of The Onion's AV Club

It seems like the comics reviewers of AV Club of the Onion retooled their comics reviews, and to editorialize, it is much, much, much better. Thank you AV Club! They got rid of the letter grades and the reviews are much more in depth and by one reviewer only, with a byline.

The titles selected appear to be reviewed together for a reason, which as a publicist, I very very very very much appreciate, though perhaps it is a coincidence that the titles last week all deal with marriage in some shape or form. Am I reading too much into the fact that reviewer Noel Murray starts with Adrian's SCENES FROM AN IMPENDING MARRIAGE (The book is an unexpected return to the mini-comics form—not unlike a serious rock band stepping back from concept albums to knock out a fun 45 again.), moves to Joe Ollmann's MID-LIFE (Ollmann is a whiz with facial expressions and body language, depicting emotions as varied as uncontrolled rage, guilt, self-pity, and affection with just the right placement of an arm or an eyebrow.) and ends with Joyce Farmer's SPECIAL EXITS from Fanta?

Noel then does a few smaller shout-outs and spotlights Denys Wortman's NY (The impressions of city life over a half-century ago are invaluable, but even better, Denys Wortman’s New York features one panel per large-sized page, which does due justice to the artist’s detailed, dynamic drawings...)


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