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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Holding steady in Orlando

Earlier this month I found myself in Orlando with my older son (on his March break) visiting Universal Studios. This is a pretty slick and flashy theme park, which made coming across this all the more surprising:

Frank King's comic strip is used as the theme for the "set" of a gift store (and public washroom?). When you walk into the main door you're greeted by an ongoing recording of an old-time "radio play" that appears to loop all day long. I didn't notice it at the time, but what exactly is "Scott's Man Cave" over there in the background?

A giant Jim Scancarelli mural greets two women leaving the "ladies room."

This structure sits amidst a comic strip-themed area of other gift shops and restaurants, many of them based on comic strips that I last read in the New York Daily News circa 1978. Have you ever wondered what happened to Mark Trail? Look no further:

How about Brenda Starr? Right here, next to Cathy. Sadly, they seemed to have forgotten Dondi.

I took this photo in honor of Lynda Barry, who is the number one Family Circus fan in the world (she tells a great story about bursting into tears after meeting Bil Keane for the first time).

A beacon in the Orlando night sky. Frank King's home in Winter Park, Fl was only about a dozen miles from this spot...


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