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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hump Day Tease! Joe Matt wants you to know he is not cheap, he's just careful with his money.

If you are one of Joe Matt's many friends on facebook, you may have already seen this thread where Joe wants everyone to know that he has been misrepresented in Chester's PAYING FOR IT.

I think I have to agree with Dylan Horrocks that Chester didnt say this at all!

In fact, he dedicates the Book to Joe! Oh Joe! What are others saying about PAYING FOR IT? Here is what certified sexologist and sex worker rights advocate and author of Author of Veronica Monet's Sex Secrets of Escorts - Tips from a Pro Veronica Monet says about the book:

"Before becoming a courtesan, I worked by the hour providing both outcalls
and incalls. Paying For It brought back a lot of memories of those early
days and I found myself smiling and at times laughing at the universal
realities of paid sex at this level of the profession. While Chester's book
doesn't illuminate other types of prostitution such as high-end escorting
and the rarified world of courtesans, it is an accurate and honest
representation of middle-class prostitution from the average client's
perspective. The reader would do well to read the Afterword and Appendices
where Chester engages popular arguments against prostitution with clarity,
logic and impeccable attention to detail.

While debating for the decriminalization of prostitution on national
television the last twenty years, I would have welcomed Chester Brown's
testament to the human qualities which define most clients of prostitutes as
well as his grasp of the negative impact both criminalization and
legalization have on the lives of prostitutes. Thank you Chester for your
courage in braving the prejudices pertaining to men who pay for sex. If sex
workers are ever to claim their human rights, it will not be without the
support of their clients. May other clients follow in your footsteps by
stepping out of the shadows of shame and into an empowered claim for our
sexual bill of rights."


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