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Thursday, March 10, 2011

New TCJ! New Seth! A Whole New Era!

So witnessing the glamorous relaunch of The Comics Journal this week made me realize that I have been in comics long enough to recall the some say glory days and some say dark ages of TCJ message boards antics (just had to explain those days to my younger coworkers) and that I have been at D+Q long enough that Seth's GNBCC is his fourth full length book, not to mention many pamphlets, illustration, editing and design projects. Who knew in ten years that an anemic TCJ would have to be gloriously resurrected by NYC whippersnappers, and Seth would be more prolific that James Kochalka? Just kidding, no one is that prolific!

Anyway, kudos to Dan Nadel and Tim Hodler for helping the magazine to finally achieve its 2009 goals and beyond. Was that snarky? Like I said, I'm old enough to remember the message boards, blood and thunder, and it's going to take a few months of the new site to win me over!!!! Just kidding again, I'm won over. Really, the magazine is fabulous looking, the content is spot on, the contributors are a laundry list of the best and brightest journalists of the past decade, they have some great columns and the design is is fantastic.

And, most importantly to readers of this blog, the magazine has an excerpt of Seth's The Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists, the above mentioned GNBCC, (Boys, I like your excerpt functionality!) and a "Cartoonist's Diary" featuring Vanessa Davis!

Oh and yes, if any whippersnappers want to help D+Q update our own online presence, email me! We're in need of a makeover too. I KNOW!!!! (I like to think we're aging well, though...)


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