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Friday, May 13, 2011

Tracy and Jessica's Day Out

So we were, mysteriously, invited to this Xerox convention yesterday (purportedly to look at printers, though everything they showed us seemed to be laughably out of our price range). I suppose I was expecting it to be some kind of a trade show where we look at printers for a few minutes, maybe see a presentation on their new technologies, but, oh no, my friend, it was so much more!

The day started off with an inspiring and unrelated talk by a man who has climbed a bunch of mountains. It was all in French, so Tracy couldn't really follow along (sorry dude), but I managed to translate some key sentences like "Surely the snow was melted by the heat of our success." Luckily for her, however, an older business man decided to sit with us at our table and explain management theory/hit on us during the presentation, so she was not completely without entertainment. He's in the above picture, for your pleasure, I've singled him out below.

(Please seek this man out should you like to learn about the different categories of people divided into groups based on their "stick-to-it-iveness")

Don't worry, though, Chris! The day wasn't completely unrelated to comics! Why, there was a caricaturist there showing off some kind of new mobile print technology. We, of course, obliged him.

Annnnndddd the fruits of his labour:
(Might I note her that Tracy made him give her more cleavage)

Finally, it wouldn't be a Quebec event without some circus-related activity, now would it?

(Also please note that you could see his bellybutton from at least two different vantage points at any given time)


Oh yeah, and sorry that we don't have our TCAF wrap-up yet and that I'm giving you this instead. I swear it's coming!


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