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Friday, July 22, 2011

Comic-Con (Preview Night)

If you do Comic-Con as many times as I do you definitely see the same things every year. While setting up, you see the same people setting up their booths and the same Freeman staff patrolling the floor on their bicycles, pallet trucks, or pushing the garbage cans. I love seeing Mike and Janice at Fanta every year but, you know, there we are every year. But you start to appreciate the whole thing, it's familiar and comforting in that way. I like watching the show shape up. Banners being hung, carpet being put down, tables delivered. And, of course, I like walking around and looking at the gigantic booths being set up. What is happening at some of these places?

I don't even know what this is but I suspect it's some kind of badass cute animal troupe. Did we learn nothing from Boris the Bear? But I do like the that fact that the costume heads are sitting there waiting.

Some gigantic superhero sound stage and I have a strong suspicion that it will just be used for karaoke.

Look at those crates filled with Legos. Remember how your parents were too cheap to buy any Legos for you? Well, they just trow these in the trash when the show is done.
This is just for Gigi and Woody.

Help me out. What is this? Other than an awesome airstream painted light blue.
{Or Teal or Seafoam or Scandanavian Mint.}

He is putting tape under the rug to hold it down. Also, the rug guys do this great jump forward move to get rid of wrinkles. People, there is a lot of science in con setup.

Preview night starts and we have the first Death-Ray doll/ Death-Ray book sale. Thank you, sir.

And Kate's book, Hark! A Vagrant was so popular that the first and second buyers were almost fighting over it. He got there first by seconds.

Our number one San Diego fan (sorry, Tyler) Sonette comes by and snags her copy of Paying For it for Chester to sign but Chet missed his connecting flight and alas the meeting had to wait.

Oops, it got so hectic that it's hours later and we all head out for pizza and forget to use the flash or focus the lens on our camera. Who is here? Left to right: Brian Ralph, Peter Birkemoe, Tracy Hurren, our production manager at her first comic-con.


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