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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Let's go to Mimi Pond's house, shall we?

Late post-Comic-con entry here. After SDCC, Peggy and the ids and I spent some time in LA. Number one stop was to visit Mimi Pond and hubby Wayne for an afternoon. After lunch (along with pals Ron Rege Jr and Anders Nilsen), we checked out the studios. Here's Mimi in front of her drawing slab.

A painting of former coffee shop boss Lazlo, one of the main stars of Mimi's ongoing graphic novel project Over Easy.

Over in another part of the basement, we find hubby Wayne White working on a new painting for a forthcoming show. If you aren't familiar with Wayne's work, check it out here.

Art clutter! Is there a better kind?

Eyeballs? This is the only part left from Wayne's huge installation at Rice University last year which I was hipped to by Robert Boyd at The Great God Pan is Dead.

Mimi, I'm not saying this stash of cookie jars in the basement is a problem just yet but...

It was a vacation trip and that means pictures of my kids! Georgy picks a lemon from Mimi and Wayne's lemon tree. Later, that lemon, he was made into lemonade.

Is this the sweetest Mother's Day card ever?! Mimi's daughter Lulu pays tribute to her mom in all her glory.

Is there more to come? Maybe. Who doesn't want to see pictures of Jordan Crane trying to set up a tent (by pictures, I mean a 45-minute movie WITH SOUND--that means it's NSFW.)


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