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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jinchalo, you've stolen my heart.

Well, I haven't kept quiet about how eager (and impatient) I've been to read Matt Forsythe's new book, Jinchalo, and finally, my appetite has been sated. Earlier this week Matt sent in the book, and I've had the pleasure over the past few days of piecing it together. The above image is the final cover, minus a few colour tweaks. Beautiful, right?

A companion book to Ojingogo, Jinchalo follows the same young heroine through a Jack and the Bean Stalk inspired fairy tale that's woven with Korean folklore, taking the reader in and out of fantastical dream sequences, and leaving them feeling like they themselves have embarked on a strange and magical adventure through an incredible imaginary land. How does Matt accomplish so much in his stories without using any words? Beats me, but the world—or at least my bookshelf—is better for it. Take a look for yourself:

And lastly, here's Matt shoveling a VPP (non-Montrealers: veggie pulled pork) into his face when he stopped by the office yesterday for a celebratory lunch.

(Note new intern Robin on the bottom left. She's a gem!)

Congrats, Matt, on finishing the book, and doing an amazing job. It will be out early in the new year. And in the meantime, go visit Matt (and me + awesome intern/store staffer Jade) at Expozine this weekend.


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