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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kim, Kim and re-Kim

Guy Delisle has a blog post up about the recent death of Kim Jong-Il over at his blog. It's in French, so I did a quick/rough translation and included the images below.

"Kim Jong-Il has kicked the bucket.

Bad year for dictators, I haven't made a count but if we continue at this pace, 2011 will be a symbolic year for oppressed people of the world.

While the new Kim (around 28 years old) prepares himself for his new functions as dictator, I stumble across this little book, bought quite a long time ago in Pyongyang, that was lying around in my studio.

Inside, we find this photo. We see Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il discussing in the middle of an avenue. Great propaganda art. And this, long before the photoshop era.

Turn to the retouched shadow, the surrealist perspective or the father's gigantic tumor that disappeared as though by magic.

More surprising, even, is the son's height.

We know it, Kim Jong-il was not very tall. He sported heels and bouffant hairdos do give himself a little more volume. Despite all this, here he is at the same height as his father.

In reality, it should have looked like this:

Like we witness in the following photo.

Now it's Kim Jong-Un's turn to enter in to the family photo. (I find it hard to imagine the number of official portraits he has to put up next to the two others on all the country's walls.)

Ultimately, even if Kim-Jong-Un is a dwarf (with or without his high heels), North Korean propaganda will figure out how to raise him to the height of the situation."


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