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Monday, January 09, 2012

Chester Rules! Chester Brown is Awesome! Chester Brown is Smarter Than Everyone!

Oh that Chester Brown. I adore him. And I love when I read a good interview with him because he is always honest and unrehearsed. And I love how much he loves the comics medium. Yesterday, the almighty Spurgeon ended his annual interview series on the Comics Reporter with what I like to call a "Chet chat." And it delivers! You can also tell that Spurge is having a lot of fun in this interview. Good and good.

And I have more Chester Brown news! Everyone save the good people of Canada and the Globe & Mail book club from having to discuss the Steve Jobs biography or the new Stephen King book in their first ever online bookclub, and discuss a book that everyone has an opinion on. All the titles that are nominated for the first round are up for vote online, so all of you haters and lovers can get your groove on. Vote here.

And what else? OH JUST THE COMPLETE ED THE HAPPY CLOWN this Spring! If you said "Holy SH*T" so did we. And here dear blog readers, I leave you with an oh so fantastic quote from the once eloquent Frank Miller about the book:

“I love the beautiful way Chester Brown cartoons… the twisted corridors he takes you down, and the utter abandon with which he lets you see all his demons. It’s a completely personal statement, without any attempt to be either a polemic or a crowd pleaser.”–Frank Miller


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