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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

GOLIATH in person

There is absolutely nothing better than when I make a banana cream pie and bring it in to share. Or maybe if there's some Baileys left over after a Christmas party and we're all still feeling in the holiday mood and we make some afternoon coffee and pour a shot and then we start doing google image searches on a hunky young Barnett Newman. Oh, wait, that's not the best thing(s). The best thing is when we get a new book. And, wowsers, look at this new book from Mr. Tom Gauld (he might be Sir Tom Gauld but I'm too lazy to look up the knighthood registry on EnglandTitles.uk) Goliath!!

Tom Gauld is on a roll lately with his brief hilarious strips for The Guardian and now this perfect sublime retelling of the story of David and Goliath from the giant's point-of-view.

I would like to describe these interiors but the discussions of what kind of brown I should describe the second color pantone as broke down ("Camel brown?" "No, that's light." "Beaver Brown?" "Ew, big greasy flat-tailed rats!!" "Hot Cocoa Brown?" "Who wants some Baileys?") So, look at that. Gorgeous. Is this book of the year? Possibly! It is certainly a must read. Look for it in March at your local Christian Science Reading Room.


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