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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Construction of Guy Delisle's JERUSALEM/Bad Dad Guide

Guy has put up a fascinating guide to JERUSALEM over on his website. It features photos like the above, but also videos and some Palestinian comics and more. Very interesting!

And on a lighter note, Guy's put a new comic up, "Bad Dad Guide 1," and I've provided a quick translation below.

[Bad Dad Guide 1]

Panel 2: "And if I put my tooth under my pillow, the little mouse will come tonight and replace it with money?"

Panel 3: "Yeah, right… That's exactly it."

Panel 4: "Yes! Cool!"

Panel 2: [That night]

Panel 3: ZZZ

Panel 1: [The next day]

"Hey! What happened? The mouse never came!"

(the tooth)


Panel 2: "Dad!"


Panel 3: "The mouse never came."

Panel 4: (Shit, the tooth!)

Panel 1: "Oh yeah, it seems like, this time, there were a lot of children who lost their teeth and the mouse couldn't make it to all the houses."

"ha ha! That's annoying!"

Panel 3: "All right."

Panel 4: "If you put it under your pillow again tonight, it'll work!"

Panel 6: "Cool!"

Panel 1: [That night]

"Should we watch a third?"

Panel 3: [The morning]


Panel 4: "The mouse didn't come again!"

Panel 1: "Ah… Uh…"

Panel 2: "It's normal, you often have to try a few times before it works… But tonight, I'm convinced that it'll happen. The mouse will come."

Panel 3: "All right."

Panel 1: [That night]

Panel 1: [The morning]

"Dad! Dad!"


Panel 2: "Look, the little mouse left me a note apologizing for the delay!"

"Look at that."

Panel 3: "She even signed it with a little paw print!"


Panel 1: "And it was folded and in a tiny little envelope!"


Panel 2: "And I got a euro!"


Panel 1: "Tell me, dad, it's not you parents who put money down when we sleep?"

Panel 2: "Hey, look…"

Panel 3: "Do you think that, if it were we parents who came and put money under your pillow, that we would forget to do it TWO nights in a row?"


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