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Friday, March 02, 2012

Chester Vision: another year with D+Q

When something like this shows up in the mail, needless to say, we all turn into squealing children on Christmas morning because there's always something delightful inside, something that reminds us what incredible jobs we have.

Lo! A Chester Brown original mini-comic. From Matthew to horror stories, Chester has a long history of adapting stories into comics form, and his retellings are some of my favourite work of his. This time, it's Daphnis and Chloe, and ancient Greek novella by Longus about romantic love (which is mentioned in the appendices of Paying for It).

(And I'll go ahead and apologize now, the comic cannot be purchased anywhere. I'm sorry. So why am I posting it here then? Because I'm bragging. I know. It's rude. But, c'mon people, cut me some slack. It's Friday and I'm really excited.)

Included in Chester's package were photographs taken by him over the year during his Paying for It tour. It was a nice stroll down memory lane (and a reminder of what a fun year we really had).

John Porcellino, Tom and the Chief visiting Chateauguay (Chester's home town) last spring after the Paying for It launch here in Montreal.

More of the same, but this time Tom and John are looking suaver than ever.

Tania van Spyk (Seth's lovely partner), Adrian Tomine and Peg at TCAF, catching some ZZZZZs? C'mon people, we work hard and play hard at conventions—you gotta close those peepers when you get the chance.

Comic-Con booth! Man, it looked grrrrreat!

Anders Nilsen and Jess after some post-con sloppy burgs.

Brian Ralph, Peg and I. I think we're swooning over the always handsome Anders?

And that's all. Thanks so much Chester for the incredibly thoughtful gift. Looking forward to seeing you again this year at TCAF where we'll be launching the new, hardcover edition of Ed the Happy Clown!


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