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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

James Lyng High School Comics Class

So early this morning, Pascal Girard, Matt Forsythe, and I headed out to the western part of Montreal to visit with the kids in our friend Stephanie Ferrara's class at James Lyng High School. Primarily, thirteen and fourteen years old, these kids just finished reading Maus and they've begun working on their own family history comics. They'd done the interviews with family members and were just sitting down to draw their own comic versions of those histories. Pascal did a funny drawing of his own father on the chalkboard ("He is not so fat in real life.") as the kids oohed and awed at how fast he drew. The whole thing was pretty fun as we tried to find solutions to drawing family (favorite solution? One girl drew her mom as a cupcake and her dad as a cockroach?! Her self portrait was a three-eyed silhouette). The girl next to her had about 40 post-it notes arranged into a story. The beginning of her story!! I'll fess up that I drew a couple of funny caricatures of an unruly boy or two (yes, yes, "not cool, Tom.") We were there for about an hour or so and it was not long enough. Fortunately, at the last minute I remembered that I had a camera so here's a bunch of kids and three awkward comics dudes and one distressed teacher. Thanks for having us everyone!! You guys are awesome.


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