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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Free Comic Book Day 2012

The sun is shining in Montreal—it's finally starting to feel like spring, and in the real way, not the too-good-to-be-true-freakishly-hot-March way. And you know what that means, Kids: Free Comic Book Day is just around the corner. FCBD comics are always a blast to put together; this year was no exception, as it includes two upcoming Enfant books that I'm real excited about, Tove Jansson's Moomin Valley Turns Jungle and Anouk Ricard's Anna & Froga.

We knew Moomin in colour was going to be incredible, but our jaws all hit the floor around here when we saw it in print. Stunning. Big thanks to (incredible) winter intern MJ for her help with the production of this beauty. The full-length edition of Moomin Valley Turns Jungle will be released early this fall.

And then there's the delightful Anna & Froga. Anouk's a comic genius, making it impossible—even for adults—to not love everything about her work. Here's what two such well-respected adults have to say about it:

"I nominate Anouk Ricard to redraw all of reality itself; so that we may live in a world where every line and every sentiment convey beauty, humor, and/or insanely cute perfectly designed dogs."—Ben Jones, from the internet's Paper Rad, and television's The Problem Solverz

"Anna & Froga are the pals we wish we'd had when we were kids. Their adventures are certain to brighten our days as they never fail to make us giggle. Beautiful, touching and hilarious, Anna & Froga is the must-book for all little and big kids."—Cathy Olmedillas, publisher of Anorak magazine

Anna & Froga will be in stores this June.

Free Comic Book Day is May 5th. Be sure to stop by your local comics shop and score some freebees. And for those of you in Montreal, swing by Librarie D+Q at 211 Bernard. (I'm not making any promises, but last year there were juice boxes, ON THE HOUSE.)


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