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Monday, June 04, 2012

Guy Delisle Takes Over the UK! NYTBR! On stage!

JERUSALEM was just released in the UK by our pals at Jonathan Cape.  Last week he was interviewed in the European edition of the  Wall Street Journal.  I like this interview because it is mostly about his life in Montpelier, what he does in his free time, questions about his children, if he goes clubbing anymore, etc etc.  He also speaks to the Guardian's Rachel Cooke, I particularly like how she sums up Guy's work:

Funny, precise, and unafraid to mention national foibles, Delisle begins his narratives as the baffled outsider: the galumphing expat who must cope with all the boring logistics of life, from finding a playground for his children to predicting the vagaries of the bus service. Once embedded, though, he moves carefully beyond all this quotidian stuff. He meets people and asks them questions, some basic, some tricky. He goes on day trips, albeit not necessarily to the tourist places. The blinds roll up. Places that seem fuzzy and complicated – or, in the case of Pyongyang, completely invisible – appear before you, clear and bright.

And yesterday, comics critic, Douglas Wolk leads off his seasonal New York Times Book Review round-up of comics with JERUSALEM, smartly noting:

The cultural and physical barriers among the Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities in and around Jerusalem, and the compromises and work-arounds the city’s residents have been forced to devise, become the source of dark but gentle comedy: absurdity teetering on the edge of tragedy.

And a few weeks ago, Guy travelled to London to appear onstage with Tom Gauld to headline the BD and Comics Passion festival! Our man on the ground, D'Arcy Doran snapped these photos of them onstage. Love it!


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