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Monday, June 11, 2012

I went to New York and all I got was delicious food

So last week I went to New York. Nominally I suppose I was there for BEA and some workshop or something, but more importantly, what you REALLY care about is that I also got to visit with the Tomine family in Prospect Park! Adrian! Nora! Sarah!

When Adrian Tomine promises a person snacks, he does NOT disappoint. Shout out to Sarah for making much of this feast! Katsu! Vegetarian katsu! Onigiri!

Above right, you'll also see a photo of Adrian drawing either a malcontented whale or a pleased-looking Foofa for Nora and some friends. BEST.

Then we're on to Monday and the "business" at hand! Here's the only photo I managed to take at the e-catalogue conference I attended. It was useful! The people at Edelweiss are very friendly and helpful. I got to meet a handful of our colleagues at Macmillan, too!

After a long day of learning and listening, I met up with ex-Librairie staffer Fiona and we talked art and books and art books while eating a delicious dinner.

Also, this is what NYC looked like the whole time I was there:  

Now, on to BEA! I missed the Neil Young & Patti Smith conversation, and I definitely had no interest in hustling my way into a room with Jimmy Fallon, but I did manage one celebrity sighting: R.L. Stine.

Not half-bad for someone who couldn't figure out where on the map of the Javits center she was, right?

So I did some wandering around, and while strolling through the Consortium booth, eyeing all the new Nobrow titles we don't yet have in stock at the Librairie D+Q, I ran into two D+Q retailers! Magers and Quinn's Jay P. and Tucker Stone, pictured here, who was asked by Nobrow to come rep them at BEA. He did an admirable job, showing me all the lovely concertina books in the works. 

Next I found Dan Nadel loitering around the D.A.P. booth looking puzzled about why he and Tucker had dressed the same.

By this point I was getting pretty exhausted of carting around 100000 books, which is why I didn't stop moving to take this blurry photo of Eric Reynolds. Fanta had printouts of a bunch of forthcoming titles,  including an exciting new collection of Lili Carre work. Awesome! 

Eventually (hours later), I managed to traverse the length of the Javits and find McSweeney's!

Here they are!

Right there! In the middle! Where the crowd is forming!

Here you see Alyson Sinclair, McSweeney's new(ish?) publicity director, and Adam Krefman, whose title I guess I didn't know, but who is an all-around stand-up guy. Not pictured: Ethan Nosowsky, formerly of Graywolf and now McSweeney's editorial director.  In the middle of the table, you'll see finished copies of two exciting forthcoming books: Dave Eggers's A Hologram for the King and the Lisa Hanawalt-illustrated Benny's Brigade. It promises to be another great year for McSweeney's.

And then on the way back, I uh... yeah.

Anyway, time for dinner, amirite?

Goodbye Javits Center! Goodbye prominently displayed Seth artwork!

And then, ladies and gentlemen, it was time for dinner. I hastened down to the East Village, where I found myself entering the hallowed halls of Momofuku Noodle Bar for the very first time! We were an elite team: (L-R) Eli Horowitz; Alexis, the manager of Greenlight Bookstore; Peter Meehan, co-editor of  Lucky Peach; Adam from McSweeney's.

Not pictured: Ethan from McSweeney's, Alyson from McSweeney's, Douglas from McNally Jackson Books, LeeAnn from Todomundo, or Cody from Square Books.

On the menu: fried chicken, two ways.

If there's any ambiguity to this photo, holy hell, let me tell you, this is serious, quality fried chicken. The feast was ridiculous. Special thanks go out to Peter for handling all the ordering. Me oh my.

Afterwards we stumbled out of the restaurant, and rolled our way down to a nearby watering hole, where we proceeded to talk about indie publishing and how good Montreal bagels are for as long as we could keep our BEA-blurry eyes open.

First thing next morning, I found myself at Penn Station, hopping a train back to Montreal. Thanks, everybody, for making it a wonderful week in NYC!


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