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Monday, July 02, 2012

Canada Day Special (complete with a couple of references only Canadians would understand)

What could be more "Canadian" than our big Doug Wright book? (I mean aside from Louis Riel and every Seth title ever published.) And what could be more "Canadian" than having your picture taken with a former Prime Minister? Yes, Doug Wright Award co-founder Brad McKay and I spent part of Saturday at a political cartooning convention here in Montreal and here we are with former Prime Minister Paul Martin holding up the aforementioned Wright book.
Martin grew up reading Nipper and it also turns out that he's a collector of original comic art (mostly political cartoons, it seems). Does this mean that the former PM will be a part of a future Wright Awards jury? Or possible MC in the off year when Don McKellar bows out? Brad, you've got your work cut out for you (this would be like getting Jimmy Carter to be a part of the Eisner Awards).
Here's the former PM slowly trying to make his way for the exit, while lugging around the 7 pound Wright book.
Terry (Aislin) Mosher did a splendid job organizing the entire show and here's a Paul Martin cartoon he drew circa 1989, about 14 years before Martin finally became Prime Minister.


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