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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

If you haven't read Anna & Froga yet, what are you waiting for?

Well it's not everyday that we have a book that has the seal of approval from such comix luminaries as Sara Varon who praised Anna & Froga, saying "Anna & Froga and all their friends are the most perfect combination of unbelievable adorable and total jerks...Anouk Ricard is a genius!"

Or James Kochalka who said, "Anna & Froga is the best kind of children's book.. sweet and tart with a crunchy bite to it. Just like the perfect wild apple picked right off the tree."

And Ben Jones: "I nominate Anouk Ricard to redraw all of reality itself so that we may live in a world where every line and every sentiment convey beauty, humor, and/or insanely cute perfectly-designed dogs."

Of course with Nora Tomine giving the Free Comic Book day sample of A&F her seal of approval, was there every any doubt? But now the press is starting to roll in, and there is no doubt about it, North America loves ANNA & FROGA!

"A cute, funny book that kids will appreciate,"–Robot 6, Comic Book Resources

"Charming and weird, this book should attract a small, fierce following,"–Paste Magazine

 "Anna & Froga is one of the best of the bunch: a genuinely funny, unshakably adorable set of stories about a creative little girl and her mischievous animal pals, as they paint, sing, and play pranks."–AV Club

 "The art is just flat-out beautiful and there's something about the way Froga is drawn that is hilarious every time you see her."–Vice Magazine

We will have more exciting news about Anouk soon, stay tuned!


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