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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Rookie Mania

Let's get one thing out of the way first. Did y'all catch this New York Times profile on Tavi & Rookie Mag? No? Read it now!

So, the real reason for my post is because August is the most fun month. Last week Pippi moved in, and today we got the F&Gs of Rookie Yearbook One. Myyyyyy gosh, you guys! This is one purty book! Let me take you on a little (unbound) tour!

Exhibit A from L-R: back cover, spine, front cover... peep those gems! That crown-shaped ISBN! The 'tude of those cover ladies!

Exhibit B: A big pile of signatures splayed out for your curious eyes. Page after page of great content, beautiful design, and hilarious stories.

Exhibit C: I know we told you about the paper crown designed by Meadham Kirchhoff, but did you know about the flexi-disc insert? Oh NBD, just an all-new Dum Dum Girls song and a Rookie theme song written by Supercute! on a format I am not cool enough (or old enough, according to Tom) to have ever seen before! Shiny! Red! See-through! What more can you want?

Well maybe you want more?

How about...

Exhibit D: A sticker sheet!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, there is a BACON STICKER on this sheet. Also there's a rhinestoned female gender symbol. And a bunch of extra rhinestones and bows for all rhinestone/bow sticker emergencies you may encounter. Phew, amirite?

Rookie Yearbook One hits bookstores September 4th, less than a month from now! Stay tuned -- we will have bound copies any day now and more exciting news on the way!


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