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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why We Love Anders Nilsen: well, a couple of the reasons, anyway.

A couple months back we asked some of our cartoonists to pull out their old high school sketchbooks in the hope that we could print some old work in a "Cartoonists' High School Sketchbook" section of Rookie Yearbook One. The timeline for that project was pretty tight, and there just wasn't enough time to get this element of the Yearbook set in time for the press date {sorry everybody}. Anders Nilsen was one of the cartoonists that was kind enough to go digging through old boxes. At first I felt bad for making the request and then having it bare no fruit, but, indeed, these blog posts of Anders's old sketches are gold! And I'm happy I made the request. Go, I beg you, take a look. {You can't see it, but I'm standing up for effect here.} And while you're there, take a look at everything else on his blog--it's one of my favourite sketch-blogs out there. Regularly updated, always a pleasure to read/look at.

And while we're on the topic of Mr. Nilsen and his impressive skills, did you know that we have a new hardcover edition of Don't Go Where I Can't Follow coming out this fall? Here's the new cover:

Barring any production disasters, we should have copies available at BACKFAT in November. Stay tuned for more deets.


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