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Monday, October 15, 2012

Anders Nilsen's Don't Go Where I Can't Follow, back in print

Anders Nilsen's Ignatz Award winning Don't Go Where I Can't Follow is back in print, this time in a handsome hardcover format. Both a celebration of their time together and a record of the tragedy, Don't Go is the story of Anders's six-year relationship with his fiancée, Cheryl Weaver, their beautiful love, and the illness that eventually brought the relationship to a close. Anders's eloquently shares their story using artifacts from their time spent together.

A letter written to Anders's kid sister, Ella, about a disastrous(ly lovely?) camping trip him and Cheryl spent together.

V8 in a hotel room sink, on Christmas eve, after escaping a car accident on the way home for the holidays.

Photographs from a trip to Angoulême.

Postcards from him to her.

The book closes with a 8-page comic written to Cheryl from Anders about him fumbling his way through the scattering of her ashes. It's beautiful. And heartbreaking. And leaves me aching.

If you don't already own this book, I implore you to pick up a copy. Anders's ability to chronicle this heartwarming-then-breaking time in his life so gracefully is astounding. We'll have advance copies available at Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival. Copies will be available in stores early December.


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