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Monday, October 22, 2012

Gilbert Hints at MARBLE SEASON

Gilbert and Jaime are interviewed at the AV Club for the 30th anniversary. And he spills some deats about MARBLE SEASON. I have read almost the entire book, and Gilbert totally and magically captures that creative play kids do of world building and role playing. Oh, I know not fair! It's not out until next April! But I'm not *that* mean, so I give you the above page.

AVC: And then Marble Season? You’ve been talking about that semi-autobiographical graphic novel for a while now.

GH: Oh, Marble Season I’m working on. That’ll be coming out next spring just because of scheduling problems. That’s interesting, because I’ve never really gotten that close to doing autobiographical comics. I’ve dabbled here and there, but this is actually the closest I’m doing to stuff that happened to us as kids. Now, I say semi-autobiographical because a lot of the stuff that people will read, [they’ll] think this is my life story. It really isn’t. It’s only part. A lot of things that say happened to Jaime, I will apply to the main character. Something that happened to another kid, I’ll apply to the main character. It sounds like he had this eventful life going on, but some of it’s mine, some of it is Jaime’s, some of it’s my older brother’s, some of it is kids’ in the neighborhood. It’s the closest to actual things that happened, but I’m still changing it up.

AVC: It’s not like a memoir.

GH: No, it’s just more like looking back at what was great about being a kid. Because normally, in Palomar, especially, and Love And Rockets, it’s looking back at how rotten it was to be a kid. [Laughs.] So, I decided to do a valentine to the past. Because there’s enough fun stuff about the past growing up that fills a book. And I left a lot of stuff out.


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