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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Anouk Ricard Came to Montreal and We had a Really Nice Time

Last night we were lucky enough to have Anouk Ricard in Montreal to celebrate with Anna & Froga. I've never seen the store so packed with smiling faces.

And here's another crowd shot, partly because it's so impressive, party because it shows off our beautiful store.

Tom spotted Anna & Froga at the library about two years ago. Being TERRIBLE at French, he immediately brought the book to his 9 year old neighbour Esme, who gave it a nod of approval. Here she is, now 11, thanking Anouk for creating such loveable characters, and for letting D+Q bring them to an English audience.

Instead of having Anouk hit the stage solo, we did a group reading. And I vote that from now on, all readings should be done like this. It was a hoot! Here's Julia, Julien, Anouk, store director Jason, and Jason's daughter Addie. Addie's stage presence was incredible! And Jason's crazy french (Acadian?) accent made my night.

And in true Montreal fashion, the event was bilingual. Here's all us Anglos from the office reading the english version—Julia, Peggy, Tom, and me, plus Tom and Peg's darling kids Gigi and Woody! Guys: I haven't lit up the stage like this since my breakout performance as Santa Claus in grade 6. It felt incredible to get back on the horse.

Anouk was completely mobbed during the signing. No one taught these kids how to form a line, let me tell you. At one point there were about 60 kids dancing, crawling, singing, throwing chips around. But then we threw on some of Anouk's animation and order was restored.

And because this is so adorable (and because I'm not against sucking up to my bosses), here's Woody Devlin taking some personal time.

Anouk's event even inspired some spontaneous artwork by 7 year-old Stella Halle-Palucci!

Anouk stopped by the office today for lunch on her way to the airport. Here she is with Tom and Helge, who translated Anna & Froga (and all our other French translations). She is THE BEST!

Thanks to Anouk for coming all the way from Lyon, and to everyone who came out last night. It was easily our best kids event to date, and the funnest pizza party I've been to in years.


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